Smiley's Grill

Smiley's Bakery


Smiley’s Bakery is a state – of –the- art Bakery founded in 2010, that is equipped with an automated bread line.

The concept behind the initiation of Smiley’s Bakery was to ensure that it could deliver fresh bread daily to all the Smiley’s Grill outlets, whilst also being able to standardize the quality of its bread.

Since its inception, Smiley’s Bakery has successfully been able to supply all the Smiley’s Grill outlets with fresh and healthy bread on a daily basis. Therefore, Smiley’s Bakery has been able to expand its reach by supplying its high quality bread to different customers other than Smiley’s Grill. Currently, Smiley’s Bakery supplies more than 400 outlets which include hotels in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh and many restaurants, international brands, supermarkets and cafés within Egypt.


Our Bread

Our bread is prepared with the best ingredients and to the highest quality. The bakery is able to bake a variety of different kinds of bread that could be easily customized to suit its customers’ preferences according to size and weight.

Smiley’s Bakery currently bakes bread such as Petit Pain, Vienna Bread, French Baguette, Kraft Brown Bread (with seeds), Kraft Gold Brown Bread (with seeds), Multi-grain Bread, Panini Bread, Ciabatta, Ciabatta Twist, German Rye bread, Lots of different stamped bread, Burger Buns, German Kaiser Bread, Low Calorie Brown Bread, Frozen Dough for different kind of bread, bread loafs and our famous Part Baked Frozen Bread.

Fresh Bread:

We deliver daily freshly baked bread to our customers.

Frozen Dough:

 For those who need to bake their own bread in their stores.

It’s simple as… Defrost, Proof, Bake… It’s done!!!

Part Baked Frozen Bread:

Smiley’s Bakery’s new innovation is our Part Baked Frozen Bread that is a new concept in the Egyptian market. Part Baked Frozen Bread is bread that is only partly baked and is supplied frozen. It allows restaurants to serve fresh bread by storing the part baked bread and only serving it when needed by heating it in the oven! This new innovation allows for a reduction of waste, inventory & stock control and makes sure that the bread is always served fresh as it is baked per order.